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A big part of financial planning is organising your superannuation

Find My Lost Super Form

Millions of people across Australia have lost, or unclaimed super. In fact, as of 2016, Australian super funds and the Australia Tax Office (ATO) were holding a staggering $12 billion worth of unclaimed super. This averages out to $10,000 cash for every Australian.

Find My Lost Super | Brisbane | Guardian Financial Planning

Your superannuation funds are your primary retirement savings, so it’s essential that you keep track of the money in your super accounts. If you’ve changed your job, address, or name, or have had part-time or causal job, it’s likely you’ve got some lost, or unclaimed super. Over the years, you may have accumulated multiple super accounts and simply lost track of them. If you want the most out of your super, it’s important to take control and know where your super funds are held.

Want to know how a financial adviser can help you?

Luckily, Guardian Group offers a ‘Find My Lost Super’ scheme. Our financial advisors will use your employment history and personal details to track down any lost or unclaimed super you may be entitled to. We can also consolidate your super into one easy-to-manage fund, so you can ensure your set up for your retirement.

If you need help tracking down lost super, try filling out our helpful ‘Find My Lost Super’ form below. Please fill out the form in as much detail as possible, so our financial consultants can create a plan to get back super that’s rightfully yours. Otherwise, give us a call, and talk to a financial consultant directly. We can give you advice about how to best save for your retirement.

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