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What is financial planning and why do I need it?

Financial planning is the process of systematically and sensibility planning your financial future to ensure you live comfortably both now, and during retirement. This involves thinking about what would happen to your finances if you or another member of your family passed away or was unable to work due to illness, injury or inability to find a job.

The best financial plans consider all possible eventualities and plan for them accordingly. A financial plan may involve wealth creation strategies, superannuation planning and taking out various insurance policies.

Every Australian has different financial goals for the future, but no matter your age or your income, it’s never too early to start financial planning. If you’re looking to create a financial plan for your future, then it’s best to consult a qualified financial adviser. Financial advisors can advise you on the best insurance policies and investment opportunities to grow your wealth, increase your savings and protect your assets.

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What are the benefits of financial planning?

While many Australians attempt to budget and save to meet financial goals, without proper advice and realistic goals, these attempts can fall short or fail altogether. By seeking professional advice for financial planning, you will gain:

  • Peace of mind about your financial situation and standing
  • Tangible financial goals to work towards and guide your budgets
  • Protection for unexpected, or costly situations
  • Strategies to pay off debts quickly and effectively
  • Strategies to reduce tax and interest payments
  • Information about the benefits and limitations of different investment streams
  • Security for you and your family’s financial future

Guardian Group specialises in financial planning for Australian families?

Our team of highly experienced financial advisers are equipped with the strategies you need to live a comfortable life both now and in the future. At Guardian Group, we understand that every Australian has different personal and financial circumstances. That’s why we’re committed to tailoring financial plans to fit your needs and goals. If you have questions about financial planning, or any of our other wealth services, give us a call today. We can book you in for a consultation at your earliest convenience.

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