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Guardian Group Financial Planning is a business built by people with the right attitude for business and know what it takes to build success from the ground up. GGFP, is the result of experiencing firsthand the difficulties modern day advisers face finding the right culture fit for their business and cliental. Independently owned and developed by entrepreneurial spirit. The services GGFP provide are customised around your business and your client focus.
We get that this is a journey we have to go on together, and we want you to succeed. Our team have the right attitude and knowledge to help scale your business to a new level. We understand that our industry is in a new age of technology and at GGFP, we embrace forward thinking and time efficiencies. Our friendly, motivated team are always happy to help, day or night, 24/7.

^ A full flexible business model. You choose the level of engagement.

^ Marketing, we source clients for you, qualified set appointments

^ Implementation. We have the back end processes sorted for you.

^ Para Planning services.

^ Underwriting Training.

^ On the spot, Tele-Application services across all insurance providers in house.

^ Existing Clients. We will handle your In force clients.

^ Unique Technology and Sales tracking tools.

^ Compliance Support.

^ Strategy Advice and Support.

^ Training. At your office, with your team, or come visit our office and see the model first hand.

^ Recruitment services.

^ Business Scaling. Business back end processes to meet front end demand.

^ Mentoring. Ride along with experienced GGFP advisers

^ Diversification opportunities to increase your business bottom line.

We are independently owned and developed by entrepreneurial spirit. GGFP will give you the flexibility to build a stable, profitable business. We embrace a culture, of "can do attitude". And get the importance of a culture driven around client best interest, compliance and best practice business processes. And if your new into the industry, don't worry we have your back, you will be up and running in no time. Join us and get a better outcome for your business and your clients.
Your business is our journey and we can support, mentor and provide you with all the tools you need to succeed. Never be afraid to ask the question! In fact we encourage you to think outside of the box. Our business model will give you more time doing what you do best, client driven, compliant and business focused. You decide the journey your business will take and we will be there to support you.

Guardian Group Financial Planning.

Provide financial adviser services and full business support to advisers.

We understand business is a journey.

Start your journey to a new type of Adviser Service.

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